Harrington on Cash Games, Volume I: How to Play No-Limit Hold 'em Cash Games 2

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Well...I've always been a tournament player for as long as I can remember, but started playing cash games a year ago and was always looking for a good book on cash games. For those who have looked for poker cash games books, you know that its quite difficult to find great books on this subject until Harrington came out with this cash games book almost 2 years ago. Now I'm not any big time cash player, so my primary interest was low stakes NL cash games ( 1-2,2-4 ). Now, to my pleasant surprise, there is an entire section on beating weak games toward the back of the book. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for...." how to beat weak low stakes games " Anyhow I found the information remarkable and indispensable to say the least. I already knew how to make adjustments from playing tourneys to cash games and now this book has allowed me to understand the thinking behind playing a certain way against players at this level. I've already made a good profit in the last 3 sessions Ive played at local casinos. Now...let me be clear on one thing....by following these tips, you are by no means guaranteed to win as many of you know....but it does give you a guide and framework to work with, adopt and practice against these low stakes games. As in any poker game, cash or tournaments, the caveats of poker success like flexibility, making proper adjustments to your opponents, knowing proper odds, as well as mixing up your play hold true as ever.

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