Necron Cryptek

    Necron Cryptek
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    Destroyers are a heavily altered form of the Necron Immortal. Their torso is fused to a skimming flyer enabling them to attack faster and further than the Immortals. Ferociously quick, the most common use for Destroyers is as mobile fire platforms. A 3+ save, T5 and a 'We'll be back!' roll, makes them some of the most resilient troops in the game. The ability to move 12" and still fire their awesome Heavy 3, S6 weapons, means that you can redeploy some serious firepower to where it's needed most. They're easy to keep out of combat and they will inflict a heavy toll on anything that could have drawn line of sight back at them. Oh and they can turbo boost too! Sometimes you will face an army with an overwhelming amount of firepower, such as against Tau Broadsides, in these instances don't hesitate to throw your Destroyers into combat as quickly as possible. From there they can stop the enemy pouring fire into your units and their impressive stats should keep them alive long enough for the rest of your army to come rescue them.

    This box contains one plastic Necron Destroyer armed with a gauss cannon. Model supplied with a large flying base. Part Code:  99120110002

    Item ID: 231354

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