Guildpact theme deck «Gruul Wilding» (russian)

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60-card russian blue-black theme deck also includes 1 foil basic land card and a short deck-description.

The "Gruul Wilding" deck pounds your opponent with furious monsters. The creatures in your deck are probably already bigger than the creatures your opponent has—but factor in the bloodthirst ability and your power-pumping enchantments and there's no contest! When your opponent starts crying for mercy, don't bother showing any. It's not the Gruul way.

Get your small creatures on the table as soon as possible and start attacking with them. This deck is all about , and you want your opponent to feel the pain—partially because it's fun and partially because you have lots of creatures with bloodthirst, like Кровочешуйчатый мародер and Мучитель клана Скаб. Don't be afraid to play them when you can't get the bonus. This deck will find other ways to make them stronger, and an attacking creature is better than a creature sitting in your hand.
To pump up all your creatures at once, all you need to do is whomp your opponent with Борборигмос. But if he's not around to lead the Gruul into battle, the next best thing is to enchant your creatures with Кулаки железного дерева , Клеймо фехтовальщика, and Клеймо хозяина зверей. Each Magemark makes all your enchanted creatures bigger, so be sure to spread your Auras around. Собирательница изящного and Элементаль терновника are particularly good targets; the Gatherer grows stronger when enchanted while the Элементаль rewards you with new friends.
If your Auras somehow wind up in your graveyard, Шаман-лозоискатель can bring them back for more creature-pumping fun. The Shaman is particularly good with Изгиб вурма . Play the Aura, it to make a 6/6 Wurm, and then return it to your hand to start the process over. There's no such thing as too many Wurms!
To improve the deck, try reducing the number of expensive creatures in favor of more Сожженная русалка , Мучитель клана Скабs, and Маг гильдии Грууловs. They'll make the deck faster and maximize the damage you dish out. To add power, check out the Guildpact™ set's other Gruul cards. Some good choices are Громыхающие трущобы , a four-mana 5/5 creature that guarantees your creatures with bloodthirst all show up huge, and Огненная Птица Скарга, a fearsome flying creature that keeps rising from the dead.

1 Сожженная русалка U
2 Ученик электромага * C
2 Кровочешуйчатый мародер C
1 Неотесанный простофиля * U
2 Искушенная дриада U
2 Собирательница изящного U
2 Груульский забияка C
2 Шаман-лозоискатель * U
2 Элементаль терновника * C
1 Груульский нодорог C
1 Таранящий вурм U
1 Мучитель клана Скаб C
1 Кровочешуйчатый древожог C
1 Разрушающий улицы вурм C
2 Скарганский неболом U
1 Борборигмос R
1 Певчая дикарка C
1 Маг гильдии Груулов U
3 Клеймо фехтовальщика C
2 Кулаки железного дерева * C
3 Клеймо хозяина зверей C
1 Дикорост C
1 Изгиб вурма R
11 Гора *
12 Лес *
1 Скарг, ямы ярости U

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