Guildpact theme deck «Code of the Orzhov» (russian)

    Guildpact theme deck  «Code of the Orzhov» (russian)
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    60-card russian blue-black theme deck also includes 1 foil basic land card and a short deck-description.
    The Orzhov know how to get what they want—they bleed it out of their victims. Slo-o-owly. While playing the «Code of the Orzhov» deck, you'll strip away all opposing threats while you gradually, relentlessly pick away at your opponent's life total. There's nothing more satisfying to members of the Orzhov than being in complete control of the suffering inflicted on their enemies.


    Your first order of business is to set up your defenses. Once you play Души безвинных or Шипящие миазмы , or you grant one of your creatures with Сплетения нежити , your opponent may find that attacking you just isn't worth it! By using your spells to select creatures that your affairs, you'll bring the game to a halt. That's when the bleeding begins.
    This deck's route to victory is to chip away at your opponent little by little. How? Attack with your 1/1 flying creatures, such as Дух с колокольни (and its batty friends) and Траурный трулл. Use Орзова, церковь сделок to swing a stalemate into your favor. Let Агент масок and Слепой охотник do your dirty work for you. The best part of this plan is that the life you out of your opponent usually winds up padding your own life total.
    The haunt ability lets you use some of your best abilities twice: once in life, and once in death. Дух с колокольни and Слепой охотник, for example, both help you the grave. If you haunt one of your own creatures, you can that creature to Чумная русалка or Тейса, отпрыск Дома Орзов at an opportune time to get that bonus ability right when you need it! With haunt on your side, the longer the game goes on, the better shape you'll be in.
    To take this deck to the next level, add more of the cards you see helping you win games. Колодки неспящих is a perfect example: It stops a creature and it bleeds your opponent. Other Orzhov cards from the Guildpact™ set can also improve your deck. Понтифик дома Орзов can make your deck much more aggressive, while the diabolical Призрачный совет Орзовы provides a nearly unkillable 4/4 body, more ways to your creatures, and more opportunities to drain your opponent's life. When you're beating your opponent a point at a time, every point matters.
    1 Замученная русалка U
    2 Вопящий гротеск C
    1 Дух с колокольни U
    1 Чумная русалка U
    2 Ведьма, крадущая мысли * C
    2 Переносчик заразы * C
    2 Умерщвитель дома Орзов C
    2 Трулл-служка C
    2 Огр Ядовитое Брюхо C
    1 Скелетный вампир R
    1 Тейса, отпрыск Дома Орзов R
    2 Души безвинных U
    2 Слепой охотник C
    2 Агент масок U
    2 C
    1 Маг гильдии Орзов U
    1 of the Guildpact * U
    2 Шипящие миазмы U
    2 Сплетения нежити * C
    2 Бичевание C
    1 Унижение U
    2 Колодки неспящих C
    10 Равнина *
    11 Болото *
    2 Базилика дома Орзов C
    1 Орзова, церковь сделок U

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