Stormfang Gunship

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    Stormfang Gunship
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    The Wolf Guard are the hand-picked battle-brothers that fight alongside each Great Company's Wolf Lord. Each has earned his place through some heroic feat of arms. Wolf Guard Terminators are a brotherhood of hulking, nigh-invulnerable champions, each eager to dispense his own particular brand of death.

    This box set contains five multi-part plastic Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators. This 100-piece set includes: five different leg variations, five torso variants and 13 different shoulder guard variants, and 13 heads. Also included are: four sets of wolf claws, an assault cannon, four thunder hammers and storm shields, a heavy flamer, five storm bolters, three power fists, two chainfists, a frost axe, and a power sword. Models supplied with 40mm round bases. Part Code:  99120101079

    Item ID: 181771

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