Warriors of Chaos

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Для данного товара возможно ограничение по скидке, в том числе по промо-кодам!


When roused for a battle, a Chaos Warrior becomes a roaring, unstoppable force. Arrows and bolts patter from his hell-forged armour like hailstones upon a glacier as he strides into the enemy ranks. The thrusts of spear and halberd are deflected contemptuously, and the lifeblood of his foes spatters his armour as his jagged blade rises and falls.

This box set contains 12 multi-part plastic Warriors of Chaos, which can be assembled with additional hand weapons or hand weapons and shields and includes options for a Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician. Models supplied with 25mm square bases. Part Code:  99120201006

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art-kob 04.05.13
Набор прикольный, но красить советую несобранным, потому что за щит кисточкой не попасть и получается не красиво.
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