Tyranid Termagant Brood

1953 rub

Для данного товара возможно ограничение по скидке, в том числе по промо-кодам!


The Gaunt is agile, fast, cunning and deadly despite its small size. The most common species of Gaunt is the Termagant, fulfilling the role of common foot soldier. Termagants are fast, agile and cunning creatures. In planetary invasions, Termagants scuttle forward on four legs whilst unleashing torrents of fire from the anti-personnel bio-weaponry clutched in their clawed forelimbs.

This box set contains 12 multi-part plastic Termagants and one Ripper Swarm. This 175-piece set includes: three different head designs, two different body designs, fleshborers, spinefists, devourers, adrenal glands and toxin sacs. Also included are 12 25mm round bases and one 40mm round base. Part Code:  99120106021

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Chip 23.06.13
Не подскажете, какие краски нужны для покраски Тервигона, Зоантропа, Гвардейцев и Термагантов? В принципе на вид так краски почти одинаковые, только несколько разных. А вот какие, подскажите пожалуйста.
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