We ship all our order all over the world. We offer 3 main shipping methods:

    • Registered surface mail: we normally advice to use it only for Europe as it may take a long time to reach overseas. Usually it takes 20-30 days to reach Western Europe. No tracking is available for this kind of shipping.
    • Registered airmail: we advice to use it for most orders below $100. It usually takes 10-15 days for Europe and up to 20 days for all other destinations. No tracking.
    • EMS (Express mail service): we advice to use it for all orders over $200 as this is the only trackable kind of shipping. It costs a lot but it mainly takes less than 10 days to arrive overseas. 
    • DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX etc.: we rarely work with courier companies due to very high tariffs. But if you need to get your order urgently (within 3-5 days) - this is the only way to ship for you. We do not have a special choice of these companies at checkout, please feel free to choose EMS or any other option and add the comment how you wish to get your order. We will contact the courier company within 24 hours and will email you the total amount with shipping. Please note: we do NOT take any extra charges for shipping like this (you will only pay the amount that we pay for shipping), though if the order is less than $100 we may charge additional $7 for handling.

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