Munchkin 8 in 1 + sleeves (russian)

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It is history not about nobleness of knights, not about kindness of priests and not about wisdom of magicians. "Munchkin" is a history about манчкинизме: to long "prorolling" of the character so that then RULE! To kill monsters. To filch treasures. To kill a companion.

It is gambling gives invaluable experience of research of vaults and meetings with different Unimaginable Horrors. Only also it is necessary for you that to kill monsters and to collect magic belongings both other treasures. And what! Put on the Helmet-Horner and Slippers-Protectors. Take the Napalm Staff … or, can, Kneebeetoff hammer. Begin career with Grass destruction in the Pot and the Snotty Nose that later, having got hand in and impudence, to win disgraceful fight of the Plutonium Dragon...
Cool and foolish game, "Manchkin" will transform any company into concourse laughing loudly hysterical persons. Here. For now they neigh, you can with impunity grab at them a belonging!:-)

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